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Barrel Dash - Game of the Week

Game of the week this week comes straight from i63 it's of course Corsair's Barrel Dash. Meant as just a playable 404 page on their website this game became a hit at the show with many of us competing for the daily high scores.


A really simple game to play just press [Space Bar] to jump. The gameplay is very repetitive and the sections don't switch out so you can learn the level bit by bit to improve. However it does have some more challenging sections which can be frustrating so you'll find yourself repeatedly trying to beat it.

The objective of the game is to collect RGB keyboards, and avoid the madness that gets in your way.


A classic 8-bit style with a solo main character and a few elements which repeat often to build up the levels.

Tips and Tricks

Leave it till the very last minute to jump, it makes it easier to clear the gaps and gives you a better chance of landing in the right spot.

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