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Cave Coaster - Game of the Week

It’s time to relaunch Game of the Week with a boom, of dynamite that is!

Cave Coaster is an addictive new Indie Game which sees yourself as a gem hungry miner who loves to ride the rails with his miner buddies and risk it all to claim as many jewels as possible before they fall from the tracks.

We’ve been taking our cart for a ride and here are our thoughts on the game.


Well paced action keeps you playing at a speed that’s balanced enough for you to decide your next move but fast enough to keep you on your toes. As you progress so does the game, making it more challenging and adding more objects for you to understand.

Power Ups

Common in most casual Indie Games are Power Ups as they offer the player a goal to aim for that helps to improve their game.

First up we have the Magnet power-up, this one is designed to suck in all the gems around and help the miner collect more.

Top Tip - Make sure to use the magnet when you\'re in a section that is almost completely filled with gems as you’ll collect a lot more!

The Rocket is a big blaster, designed to help speed sections and progress at pace.

Finally the Shield is used to defend your cart against damage, at first this will seem like a un-needed power up but what you quickly come to learn once the game develops is this is one of the most important.

Defending yourself

The best ways to keep riding the rails for longer and progress more within a single run is by picking up friends along the way. Each miner in your cart can be compared to a life in terms of when you crash into a barrier you'll lose one but be able to recover. Keep your cart full so when it starts getting hairy you're prepared. As well as having a full cart of miners it’s important to keep an eye on your Shield power up and make sure it’s charged just in case. Using both these solutions will give you a much better chance at survival.


Want to boost for longer, feel stronger or collect more? Then you’ll want to upgrade your power-ups. Using the gems you’ve won and collected you can earn enough to level up and improve your arsenal of powers. Bored of your mine cart? Don’t worry they are unlockable too so keep hitting the caves and you’ll be riding in all sorts of vehicles.


Vibrant, full of colour and well crafted. Although when we played it didn’t display in a full screen we were still able to enjoy the rich environments of the caves.

System Requirements


OS: Windows 7 or later\nProcessor: 2000 MHz

Memory: 1024 MB RAM

Graphics: 800x600 minimum resolution (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 128MB)

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 200 MB available space

Sound Card: 2D sound compatible card

Are you ready to hit the caves?

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