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Coffin Dodgers - Game of the Week

“Pimp up your mobility scooter and take on the Grim Reaper and his Zombie army in a race for your soul. Armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets, battle your way through 13 unique & exhilarating tracks. Can you survive the retirement village?”


Hold onto your hat like Jeremiah and race around in this fun little indie game racer. With very basic controls similar to other cartoon racers, it’s got a really good pick up and play aspect where you aren’t having to learn loads of stuff over before you can get going.

Story Mode

Each track has three races, which see you competition to be the top coffin dodger and take the gold! Keep on an eye on your position because at the end of each of the three races there are eliminations.

Top Tip #1 - Keep an eye out for shortcuts, they aren’t the most obvious to see but if your almost at the finish and in 5th or 6th they sure do come in handy.

Although we didn’t do great upon it, our favourite track is Story Mode: The Graveyard, Race 3!

Top Tip #2 - Don’t slow down, you can make about 95% of all the corners without taking your front off the gas

Power-Ups / Pick Ups

One feature that’s much loved of all cartoon racers is the items you can pick up along the way. It’s nice to see the consistency of the games theme being shown even in the fact these items are stored in old school travel cases. Beware next time you pass someone on a mobility scooter apparently they can be equipped with some rather powerful rockets, who would have known?

Our favourite power-up is the defibrillator as it’s a radius attacker meaning if they are in front or behind as long as they are close they’ll stand no chance against you.

If you are out in front also be aware that we couldn’t work out a way to fire the rockets behind at your rivals so you may have to slow and let them pass just so you can take the shot.

Sadly the power-ups aren’t stackable at first so if you are hanging onto something useful you may want to use it early and pick up another. Although if that’s not your style then you can spend some of your hard-earned coins in unlocking the number you can hold and the ability to lock and switch them.


We love a good unlock, it gives you something to aim for! In Coffin Dodgers you get to upgrade and personalise your mobility scooter* by spending the coins you’ve earned in previous races. Everything from engine to paint job is customizable so you can really go to town on the design of your mobility scooter as you avoid the looming threat of the grim ripper.

Top Tip #3 - Don’t waste your money early on like we did on styling your mobility scooter make sure it’s upgrades are all dealt with first as the game requires this for you to progress at a good pace rather than multiple replays of the same tracks.

Other Modes

It’s not just racing on tracks and completing a story there are other modes available to play. The one’s you expect are included quick race, time trial, multiplayer but there is also a pretty fun one called Open World. Something we weren’t expecting to see in this game. Open World is as it sounds a large drivable town that you can do mini missions and challenges within, it makes for some quick fun when the story is getting too tough and you want a break.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP

Processor: 2.2 dual core

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Graphics card with around 256mb memory (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570, Nvidia Quadro fx 3450)

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space

Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access. Don't currently support Intel Onboard graphics

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