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Coffin Dodgers: Time-Warp

I was asked my the team over at Milky Tea Studios what I'd like to see from a squeal if it was made for Coffin Dodgers. Being a big fan of this game I had a lot ideas and thoughts around it. Here's what I came up with...

Coffin Dodgers: Time-Warp


So it’d start where the last one ends, Death has sent his zombie team (the zombie versions of the original characters) to get certain famous people from the afterlife. I like to think the afterlife is like a timestamp of the time period the characters died in.


  • Story

  • Quick Race

  • Time Trial

  • Open World

  • Explore

  • Tutorial


The players task is to save as many of the afterlife famous people as possible, therefore foiling Deaths plans. Being reward with their vehicles upgrades and character to use in multiplayer.

You are the famous person and your being chased down by the zombies. Your vehicles are based around the time period and famous person so think like a Daimler, chariots etc. The theme of sunny pines also switches to be based on the time period too but keeps the same map layout it’s just textures and objects.

The race mechanism is the same. Each track has three races, which see you competition to be the top and take the gold! Keeping an eye on your position because at the end of each of the three races there are eliminations.

I’d add extra Death challenges though, as such when someone has finished each of the three races (bronze or above) then they unlock the final challenge of that time period. Where Death has come to help out because his zombies army aren’t getting the job done. If you bet him you progress to the next after life time period (and famous person).

Complete Single Player

  • Unlocks the zombies skins for the original characters (If they have the DLC)

  • Unlocks a golden skin that works on all vehicles.

  • Grim Valley destruction theme for level editor.

Cart Customization

It’s simple but works, would be cool if you could add custom decals to your vehicle as people do like to show off their community groups in multiplayer. I’d also look at moving this to it’s own main level part of the menu, as it’d help when people are setting up for multiplayer.


You can only use characters you’ve unlocked in the story and the vehicles you’ve unlocked too, but you can mix and match them. Once you reach rank 5 you have the ability to set a custom tag that shows before your name throughout all modes of multiplayer, think [ETNL] Olda Robot.


  • Play Online

  • Casual

  • Ranked

  • Play Local (LAN Parties)

  • Join

  • Host

  • Private Match

  • Join

  • Host

  • Tournaments

  • Find a Tournament

  • Join Private Tournament

  • Host a Tournament

Play Online

This is your quick race essential, with two types casual and ranked. You are loaded into a 30 sec lobby whilst the game sources other players, if there aren’t a full race it filled the backlog with AI of mixed ability. In the lobby you can select your character and your vehicle as well as vote between two tracks. The only different is in ranked your matched against players of the a similar level to you and you’ll earn XP towards your level, 100XP 1st, 50XP 2nd, 20XP 3rd.

Play Local

This one's for LAN Parties and events, based on the casual online mode.

Private Match

This one is designed for friends and streamers. The lobby doesn’t auto fill or countdown. The host has the ability to invite friends and set a passcode which they can give to anyone watching there streams to play along. Think community nights on Mixer.


This is where you can add a esports element and more abilities for streams doing community nights. You can create a tournament in which the host picks a number of races, can limit vehicles to say all chariots. The host also has the ability to set it as private or open. If private it’ll work like private match in which the host has the ability to invite friends and set a passcode which they can give to anyone watching there streams to play along. Think community nights on Mixer. If Open anyone can join and once at least one person is in the 30 sec countdown will begin.

Loot boxes

Unlocked in Ranked Mode and for winning Tournaments, think random fun elements to add to the vehicles or different outfits for the characters. There is the ability to also offer a pack of them as DLC if you wanted.

New Mode: Level Editor

We all know the size of the map has potential, think a track editor. So you can highlight the route you want to use with light a blue highlight that moves across it. Then when you have a finished loop you can set the texture, using any of the 7 afterlife themes or the original theme. As a bonus if you finish the whole game you can use the Grim Valley destruction theme.

Workshop integration, a way for the community to share the maps / races they have created. Then doing like a featured level of the month.

These map can be used in Multiplayer Modes: Play Local & Private Match. The host can choose from any they have downloaded and when someone joins who doesn’t have one it offers them up a download to proceed message.

Multiplayer Bonus Characters

Limited Edition - First 100 Preorders

  • A Digital Artwork book that shows off some of the development shots and easter eggs.

All Pre-order bonus

Unlock Iko Disko (from Roller Rally) .

Owners of the first game & Beta testers

Unlock the original game characters not including Death.

(This you can then offer 6 months down the line as DLC for everyone else)

First game completion bonus

Unlock Death.

Exclusive Team Skins

It’s always exciting to play a game with a developer or affiliate of the game. As such each should be able to play as themself or in a exclusive vehicle, these can’t be won or bought. Making them ultra exclusive and exciting for anyone that plays against them.


Original game characters

  • Jeremiah, Hank, Martha, Wilbur, Lucy, Rudolf, Percival

*doesn’t include Death*

(6 months after release)

Hyperbrawl characters pack

Roller Rally character pack

  • Olof Blackaxe, Arnie Barnacle, Gert Hammerback *doesn’t include Iko Disko*

Loot Packs

Pre-release | Promotion and Awareness


For a weekend 2 months before launch invite preorders to take part in a early Open Beta. Talk with Mixer to get anyone hosting it featured in a playlist on the homepage. Also pick a number of mixers with different follow levels who do alot of indie games to give access to without preorder to help you promote, and at the same time allow them to run a giveaway for a copy over the weekend.


Getting out in front of players is key, Gamescom, insomnia, EGX, etc. Also look to setup some exclusive gaming evenings at your HQ where you invite select PR and Mixer Streamers to take part. Cover the whole thing on social and ask them to do the same on theirs.

Standard PR Reviews

Give out copies for review from both top companies and smaller independent gaming communities to improve your mix.

Social Media

Death (The Grim Reaper) already has a twitter account, create ones for some different members of his zombie army. Have them discussing plots and plans before there mission begins. Run this for like the month leading up to release

After Launch | Promotion and Awareness

Monthly Tournaments

Monthly community tournaments hosted by yourselfs, with money can’t buy prizes for the winners like merch and 3d character prints.


Select a Mixer per month to give a copy to and ask them to play a community game one night a week for the month

Social Media

Continue the planning and chatter with grim and his army. Having them asking players who post about the game to help them out with their mission.

Social Media, Competitions

Put out a clue to a location in the game, first person to go into Open World and screenshot it then reply wins. So in the first game you’d say like Rise of the rabbits is a great movie, and it’d be the first person to find the cinema.

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