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Early Access Impressions Of MyGM in WWE 2K22

Today we’ll be talking about my recent experience with MyGM in WWE 2K22. Thanks to the team at 2K, who provided me with a copy of the game to checkout, this will as always be an honest impression of my experience.

WWE2K22 arrives with the promise that it hits different; the teams have worked hard to create a real step-change in the quality and experience of the games.

With it, we see the rebirth of a GM Mode, which first appeared in WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006. Fans have missed this much-loved mode over the years; likewise, I was excited to see it being given a reintroduction by 2K under its new name of MyGM.

So what is MyGM? It’s the mode that puts you in charge; you’ll take on the role of general manager of raw, smackdown, nxt or nxt UK. Then you’ll be paired with a rival and compete in booking the best shows to grow the fan base.

Starting with a draft, you’ll be able to pick up key talent for your shows; then, throughout the season, you’ll be able to pick up ‘free agents’ and ‘legends’ on various contract lengths.

Whilst there’s a minimum number of stars you need to draft, I’d recommend at least another four to six as if you are looking to fill up each match and promo spot in a week, you’ll want to be able to rotate and mix up those featured.

However, do consider you’ll need money to put on bigger and better shows, so don’t spend your whole budget, remember you can always pick up free agents throughout the season.

So let’s talk about those shows, you’ll choose the match cards each week. Choosing either one-on-one or tag-team matches, along with your match type, either normal, tables, extreme rules, TLC or hell in a cell.

I’ve been enjoying a good mix of them all, with a personal favourite being extreme rules; what can I say? I like a bit of chaos in the ring.

You can also choose to put the championship on the line, which is great fun, but currently, only the two titles of men’s and women’s championships are within the mode. I’d love to see a tag-team championship added to increase the excitement of the tag-team matches I’ll be putting on in the future.

Outside of show bookings, you have the flexibility to adjust the show logistics here, being able to customize Arena, Crew, Special Effects and Advertising. I like how there is a progression path to these unlocks; on day one, you’ll be starting your shows in the local high school gym, and every few weeks, you’ll unlock sometime new to customize your shows.

The other way to shake up your matches is through using the power cards. These range in their abilities, but for instance, you can fix a match, ensure that you’ll retain your fans this week and reduce the cost of your show logistics.

Whether you want to simulate the result of matches, play them for yourself or spectate, you’ll have the option to decide per match. I love to spectate my shows; it’s like putting on my own episode of RAW or a PPV; I’m setting up the matches then cheering on for the star I want to win.

Due to the step-change in quality and experience, everything from the entrances, moves in the ring, replays and celebrations feels more accurate to life. Of course, there’s still that element of true-life storytelling that it doesn’t quite capture, but then again, that’s your job as general manager to build up the excitement with the fanbase, so I will be looking to plan out more rivalries over the weeks.

Overall I feel like MyGM has found a good balance between teaching fans how to play and providing enough options to make it replayable in length. Whilst I’d love to see future updates bringing more features and championships to the mode, I think this is a solid reintroduction to MyGM with a huge step up visually both in the ring and throughout the scheduling menus.

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