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Early Access Impressions Of Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery

Today we’ll be talking about the new Speedy Recovery DLC pack coming to Two Point Hospital. Thanks to the team at SEGA, I’ve had early access to look into what to expect. So let’s jump into it.

Speedy Recovery brings a new ambulance dispatch gameplay aspect to the game, featuring six unique and very unorthodox ambulances. Along with them, we visit three new locations and attempt to treat 19 new illnesses.

Let’s take a look at the Speedy Recovery trailer before we dive deeper into what’s on offer.

So let’s break it down. Starting with Ailing.

Ailing is the urban emergency response hospital. You’ll start a blank canvas, no existing rooms or ambulance. It serves as a tutorial to the new updates; this level helps guide you through placing ambulances and attending to Emergencies.

There are three key aspects which you’ll first get introduced to here. The ‘driving’ skill, The ‘Two Two Point Nav’ and the ‘Emergency Response League Tables’.

The ‘driving’ skill is a new staff skill you’ll notice when hiring; just as it sounds, it lets you know who will be driving your ambulances when responding to emergencies.

One thing to note here is that you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a variety of staff who have the skill, mainly because you don’t want your lead doctors/nurses off picking up new patients when you’ve got a long line of them waiting for treatment already.

Whilst ‘driving’ and ‘flying’ in later levels are the primary skills to keep an eye out for; you’ll also want ‘mechanics’ as you’ll need to keep repairing your ambulances on the road. Don’t worry, though, as this is semi-automatic, so you won’t have to request the repairs continuously.

Speaking of repairs, you can also upgrade and unlock other ambulances, which are the main objectives at some star levels, so bear that in mind that you’ll need to have at least one research room in your hospital.

Next, let’s shift focus to attending to those Emergencies and with it the ‘Two Two Point Nav’. This interface found under the ‘emergency response’ section of the right menu is where you’ll send out your ambulances.

There are a few key things to note here, first your competition. You’ll see other hospitals on the map, these are your competitors, and they will be trying to respond to emergencies faster than yourself. They’ll use their style of ambulances and, in some cases, may have a shorter route to the emergencies, so you’ll need to keep an eye on this screen often.

You’ll want to click into the dispatch upon each emergency to dispatch your ambulances. One thing that’s worth doing is to quickly look through the description for the emergency for specific keywords so you know the type of patients you’ll be getting. I found that focusing my attention on treating one type helped me to cure and turn over patients much more effortless. Within Ailing, your focus should be ‘Patients with Under The Weather. However, I did fall into the trap of responding to more emergencies than my current capacity due to the addictive nature of trying to beat your competitors.

Speaking of how you’re comparing your competitors, this information can be found in the ‘emergency response league tables’. Throughout this new DLC, many of the objectives revolve around either collecting the most patients or having the highest response rates. I didn’t use this menu as much as I could have done and instead kept an eye on the core star tasks to see where I was currently.

The later levels of Betts Shore and Pointy Pass introduce a few other aspects you’ll need to keep in mind. First off, ‘flying’ previously mentioned in the skills there are both driving and flying ambulances. These levels require you to get up in the air to take them on. While the mechanics of deploying the ambulances are the same, you’ll be looking for the other skill type.

Don’t forget with skills, you can train up your staff, so if you aren’t currently seeing staff in the hiring table that can use the ambulances, then look to use this. It’s less critical on Ailing as often hiring staff to have the ‘driving’ skill; however, in Beets Shore, you’ll be challenged to train yourself to gain the skills and later in Pointy Pass, you’ll rarely see hiring staff with the skill.

The final thing I want to mention about this DLC is the new Illnesses. There are 19 in total, 3 of which have fully animated cure machines. Under The Wearther at Ailing, Hive Mind at Betts Shore, and Snow Problem at Pointy Pass are the focus illnesses. My personal favourite is Hive Mind; I love the treatment style with the honey trap, whereby its sandwich press style removes the hive from patients’ heads.

So how does this DLC rank overall? It’s packing in a whole lot of fun new things, and we’ve not even talked about the new items or the new music, DJ and tannoy lines. For just £6.99 here in the UK, I’d have expected a higher price tag considering the unique aspects it brings to the game and how these provide such a fun new challenge. I think the team have done a great job in bringing new life into the title in such a silly, playful way that stays true to what fans love about the base game. This is a superb DLC pack that’ll bring hours of fun as you try and complete all three stars across each of the three new locations.

Thanks again to the team at SEGA for giving me a peek into what’s on offer; now, I best rush back to Pointy Pass and continue responding to those emergencies!