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Early Access Impressions Of Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Today we’ll be talking about my recent hands-on impressions of ‘who pressed mute on uncle Marcus?’. Thanks to the team at wales interactive for providing me with a copy of the game to checkout. This will always be an honest impression of my experience, and this will be spoiler-free, so don’t worry if you’d like to play it for yourself. Alright, shall we jump into it?

‘who pressed mute on uncle Marcus?’ is the latest single-player FMV adventure that challenges you to solve a murder mystery. Based on the online quiz format, you’ll be tasked with trying to question members of the family whilst playing rounds of the quiz. Don’t get too into the fun and games, though, as Marcus only have so long left!

There are a few key features of the game to talk about; first, there’s the ability to enable streamer mode, which pauses the game when choices appear on the screen. One of the handiest features of modern-day FMVs can get complex as you are trying to uncover all the information, so having a moment to check your notes always helps.

Another is how the saving and follow-up sessions work; unlike some other FMVs, you can’t save and go back to a previous save to try and fast-track your way through achievements. However, your progress in your ‘evidence’ gathered is saved and contributes to your next playthrough.

The multiple playthroughs are essential as they allow you to build upon what you’ve previously learned; I also recommend taking notes for yourself. In my first playthrough, I wanted to enjoy the whole experience as it comes initially, so I didn’t take notes; then my following playthroughs I kept track of who I was choosing to chat to and if I got all the information from them needed.

With my initial playthrough being an hour, it was short than I’d have expected; however, that didn’t end with my solving the case. If you’re worried you’ll spend hundreds of hours trying to solve the case, once you’ve played once, you can skip to the next choice if you’re going to see the same clip. When you’re a few playthroughs in, you’ll be able to do runs in around 20mins as you skip through the choices to get to the piece of information you’re trying to find and gather.

Whilst this is a spoiler-free impression, I won’t show the evidence screen, but it’s well laid out, allowing you to see your progress at a glance, and you can replay the clues and evidence.

Overall I enjoyed the story; I felt that the characters were portrayed well, and my intrigue to solve and understand this mystery was strong enough for me to push to unlock all it had to offer to complete the achievements list as I went.

Sadly I think that’s about all I can say without the murder coming after me next, so I wish you luck on your journey to uncover all the game offers.

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