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Review: Fate of Kai

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Were you a fan of Goosebumps books, the one's where you'd get to a certain point in the story and it'll give you two options turn to page 10 such thing would happen turn to page 20 something else would happen well if you are then Fate of Kai might be the game for you?

In Fate of Kai, you explore different storylines by controlling the thoughts of kai and other characters. There are no tutorials or instructions, this is the kind of game where you're thrown straight in and you have to find out for yourself how to play. As you're progressing you'll get to certain points where you'll see a thought bubble above Kai and this will say for example open. If you leave it saying open when you turn the page the rest of the story will be as if Kai has decided to open whatever he was looking at, if you go back and you remove the action but then turn the page the story will progress differently and this is the main mechanic throughout the game.

As you're playing and controlling the thoughts of the characters to help them progress through this story there'll be certain points where you can then control time and manipulate different scenarios to help your journey. For Instance, a bridge might be broken you could go back in time before it was broke and stop it from breaking so there are different mechanics like that as you're going through.

This game feels really rewarding when you're completing the puzzles and unlocking more story. As you're going through and you'll meet new characters and a whole host of different scenes, you get this really big sense of enjoyment and it's definitely a memorable experience playing it. One of my favourite pages of the book is splash.

The art style is just gorgeous and it's really fun reading the comic as you're progressing through.

There’s definitely a learning curve to this game, as you get further on the puzzles will progressively get harder. You'll reach a point where there's a forest and I'm not going to go into too much detail and spoil that puzzle but this is the first big puzzle where it'll have you thinking and you'll have to consider everything you can control not just the thoughts. Once you get your head around that then it really sets up for some interesting puzzles further down the line.

Fate of Kai

Platforms: Steam, iOS (Available Now)



I received ‘Fate of Kai’ for free, to play and review thanks to the team at who kindly gifted a Steam copy of the game.

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