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How does Cursed to Golf play? My first hands-on impressions

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Cursed to Golf is an upcoming golf-inspired adventure game where every shot counts. I got a chance to get hands-on with the game at the recent W.A.S.D event, and here’s what I thought.

You take on the role of a golf champion, and the game starts out playing through a tournament they were at before they died. Thankfully that’s not the end of the game but just the start, as you get stuck in Golf Purgatory.

The real fun starts here: you have to make your way through hazards, correctly power up your shots, and make it to the hole.

It has an interesting concept to add to the mix, called Ace Cards. These can be for a range of things such as adding extra swings, blowing up TNT and stopping the ball mid-air.

It felt a bit unnatural at first to use these as I’ve played many golf games. I was more focused on trying to make my next shot; however, when I did get a feel for the cards, they added to the fun you could have. For instance, I could blow open a whole different route to take towards the hole with the TNT card.

Some other fun things to do on the route were to smash statues to get extra swings which I couldn’t help but try and smash them all; I hope there is some form of achievement for this in the final game.

A nice touch in helping you plan was a camera mode that lets you look around the level and zoom in and out at different points so you can see the route you want to take.

The main hazards I encountered were toxic water pools, but I’d expect these to get a little crazier as you progress up the levels. I believe there are over 80 holes to complete.

The art style feels well-matched to the concept of this game, and the controls were easy to pick up and understand.

I think Cursed to Golf will be a fun little golf-themed game to enjoy once it releases; I will keep an eye on this one.

Cursed to Golf

Developer: Chuhai Labs

Publisher: Thunderful Publishing

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