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What to expect from Two Point Campus (my first impressions)

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Two Point Campus is the latest game from the team behind Two Point Hospital, and it’s set to be your new favourite simulator when it launches later this year.

At the recent W.A.S.D event I got a chance to get hands-on with the event build of the game, which is the first year of the first level, and here’s what I thought after playing it.

After a fun little cinematic intro, It’s time to build the university of your dreams as you set out to create, shape and manage your University Campus. Like in Two Point Hospital, you’ll be able to build your rooms, given a slightly larger base size for each with a selection of key and optional objects to place within them.

I opted to play with the controller, and the placement and build of these all felt natural in much the same way as we’ve come to expect from Two Point Hospital.

All the options to redecorate and add to rooms are still there, and the requirement is to, in some cases, add extra objects to existing spaces to complete tasks.

The one thing that felt clear is that this is a step up and an example of the thought that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Please don’t get me wrong, there are clear improvements, but the team hasn’t tried to reinvent the mechanics and game style hugely, which I’m thrilled is the case.

The main factor that has changed is that your key focus isn’t around making money but on how successful your students are. I found that the tasks I had were about expanding study areas to help my students gain better grades, and I like that this is a reflective focus.

My sessions weren’t long enough to do much hiring and firing staff, but I’m intrigued to see if grades will reflect upon the class tutors and how that affects the game.

One thing it was long enough to experience was the Campus radio. Fans of the predecessor will recall the many laughs and jokes that get broadcasted throughout your playtime, and I’m pleased to say this continues; I even caught what I believe was a reference back to Two Point Hospital.

If the team manages to nail campus layouts throughout each level and fun challenges to complete whilst maintaining the humour and fun, I could easily see myself sinking many hours into playing Two Point Campus. Just from this short session, it feels like it could be as addictive and fun as Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Campus

Developer: Two Point Studios

Publisher: SEGA

Official website

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