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Human Resource Machine - Game of the Week

I guess you can say I’m quite a fan of the work done by Tomorrow Corporation and it’s hard not to be after some really awesome Indie games (World of Goo & Little Inferno).

“Program little office workers to solve puzzles. Be a good employee! The machines are coming... for your job. From the creators of World of Goo and Little Inferno.”

Following on from the beautiful art style of their previous games I was happy to see they’ve continued it. As well the graphically style they have also kept the fun little playful sound effects.


You use a series of commands to build a program which tells your worker what they have to do. It’s a very basic drag and drop system that lends itself nicely to new comers as you have to complete a serious of challenges to pass each area.

The game also introduces new elements for your programs as you progress, so where-as when you start out and you simplify have inbox and outbox, you soon unlock jump (which is a repeater), then later the ability to copy and paste to your boxes.

make sure to read everything in the note on the programming area, I know it may seem like common sense, but all the answers are hidden within it.

The levels gain in differently pretty quickly, but it’s all just logic and common sense, however when you start to get engrossed in it’s easy to forget and just jump straight into each puzzle.

I’m a big fan of logic and puzzles so it’s very refreshing to pick up an indie game which is all about that and to enjoy it so much. It really does have a nice balance of lovely artwork along with a great game.

It let’s you try countless times so you can get your head around the maniacs the game is trying to lend itself to.

Little Extras

You can use a slider to make your worker walk faster but I really enjoy the animation style of this game so tend not to use it.

You can also choice different paths along the way of your progression, it’s a sort of hard vs harder, but I’m always up for a challenge so I took them head on.

If the game hasn't given you enough challenges at this stage then you'll be happy to know that each level can be completed in numerous ways

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: XP or later

Processor: 1.5Ghz CPU

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0 or greater

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 200 MB available space

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