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Review: Lost Words: Beyond the Page

The stunningly beautiful adventure platforming game that is Lost Words: Beyond the Page will leave you emotionally moved and at times fighting back the tears as you journey through the atmospheric narrative written by Rhianna Pratchett.

Through both exploring the fantasy world of Estoria and jumping your way through pages of Izzy’s diary, you will be using words to complete a series of puzzles whilst also helping to shape the story she is writing. This shaping is done in the form of decisions along the way, in which you will choose things such as the name of a character or their feels in a simulation and in doing so you will create a playthrough that it is emotionally involving and unique to you.

You will also harness words throughout the gameplay using your magic book and the words within it. those can be used to break through barriers, lift the protagonist safely towards their goal and light the way through those dark moments.

Of course, a platformer is not complete without some sort of collectable and in the case of lost words these come in the form of fireflies. you will rescue these throughout your adventure within each chapter set in the fantasy world having several of them to find.

The wonderful watercolour art style of this game helps bridge the gap between the diary and fantasy world sections making them feel like one and adds to the sense that you are within someone's personal story every step of the way.

The balance of fully voiced narrative and gameplay feels exactly right, you do not get a sense you are losing track of what is going on and it is lovely to see each word written out into the environment as you navigate your way through.

This is a story that deserves to be experienced by so many, it will keep you engaged throughout and is stunning from start to finish. I hope to one day read Abi’s story now she is too an inspiring writer.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Stadia, Epic Games

Genre: Side Scroller, 2D Platformer, Puzzle Platformer, Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Developer: Sketchbook Games, Fourth State

Publisher: Modus Games

I received 'Lost Words: Beyond The Page' for free, to play and review thanks to the team at Modus Games who kindly gifted a PlayStation 4 copy of the game.

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