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Spooky & Adventure Bundle - Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

There's a brand new downloadable bundle for Planet Coaster: Console Edition launching today, but is it worth getting?

The Spooky & Adventure Bundle includes both the Spooky Pack and Adventure Pack, let's take a look at what's included. Offering a total of five new thrilling new rides, two new entertainers and over 150 new blueprints!

Spooky Pack

It's time to spook your guests with a free-spinning haunted house ride, add some spooky surprises in every dark corner and get the skeletons dancing as your guests walk by.

Adventure Pack

Fancy adding some more trills to your pack, maybe you want to create a Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones themed ride? Then this is the pack for you with an array of jungle-inspired scenery and building pieces as well as a bunch of new attractions.

I received the ‘Spooky & Adventure Bundle’ for free, to play and produce content around thanks to the team at Frontier who kindly gifted a Xbox copy of the downloadable content.

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