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TETRA's Escape - Game of the Week

My game of the week this week is TETRA’s Escape. As you can see it’s a fun little platforming puzzle-game all about blocks!

Tetras are the name of the little blocks you control and with them you must craft your way to collect all the stars, trophies along the way and most importantly make it to the end and free those little guys!

You have some fun little abilities like shape-shifting so you can turn your Tetra into different Tetrominoes and use them to master the puzzles.

Don’t be deceived by the styling of the game, it’s tough and often you’ll find yourself restarting level after level until you get it right, because if your like me you’ll be aiming to get 3 stars and the trophy on every level!

If you like puzzles and don’t mind a little frustration along the way then this is definitely one for you, just make sure to think big because if you don’t you may never get all the Tetra’s back home!

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