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The Fox Lodge LEGO Set Review (21178)

Today we’ll be looking at The Fox Lodge LEGO Minecraft set. This set was released in January 2022 for £17.99 and included 193 pieces.

First, let’s look at the included Minifigures. The Fox Skin minifig is new for 2022 and unique to this set. There’s also a drowned Zombie, which was first seen in the 2021 coral reef Minecraft set.

There are also three buildable figures in this set, a fox, fox cub and arctic fox. The arctic fox is unique to this set, whereas we’ve seen the orange fox previously in the taiga adventure set back in 2020. While not including any unique pieces, the fox cub is the first time we’ve seen the cub variant of the orange fox.

One of the things I like the most about this set is the buildable furniture objects. Built at mini-figure scale, this playset house features a buildable bed, crafting table, furnace, cake and map. There’s also a small plant that uses the new 1x1 2/3s height studs introduced in 2022.

The main fox structure has been designed off a sleeping fox and features a removable top to make the inner easier to access in this playset. I love the contrast of the orange against the sand green environment. I’d have liked to see more variation in the grass area, whether that’s more plants or subtle changes in height; however, you get so much included in the main structure for the price point I can see why the environment isn’t the most detailed in this playset.

Overall this was a fun set to build, there are lots of figures to play with, and it makes for a great little afternoon project to build. I’d say this could be my favourite lego Minecraft set to date, and I can’t wait to see what they release next for this theme.

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