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Wired Direct, Event Recap

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What is the latest coming from Wired Productions? New games, new products, and a whole bunch of trailers.

Before we jump into that if you haven’t heard of Wired Productions they are a video game publisher based in Watford, UK. Founded Back in 2008 they have helped release so many wonderful including the likes of Grip: Combat Racing, Deliver Us The Moon and most recently The Falconeer which was nominated for a BAFTA at the British Academy Games Awards. Wired has also been shortlisted previously by MCV for Indie Publish of the Year 2018 and 2019.

Looking to watch the entire event? You can find the event recording over on their official YouTube channel.

The plan of the event was simple, showcase the upcoming roadmap of titles from the team and delight the fans with a whole host of surprises. The whole team have been putting in a big effort both behind the scenes and as part of the show, even combining to give to introduce the event before handing it over to Julia Hardy who hosted the entire event and interviews throughout. It's well worth checking out the replay if you have an hour to spare as there are some great discussions with the developers of the upcoming titles.

Tin Hearts

First up from the makers of the critically acclaimed Fable series we have Tin Hearts by Rogue Sun. Originally releasing back in 2018 on Steam this indie game is a charming puzzle that wraps a tale of love and compromise within.

If you originally purchased this game on Steam Early Access, then you do not need to worry as the new version will be free at launch for you. Featuring 40+ levels of time-bending, soldier routing riddles. You will overcome brilliant puzzles to unravel the story of Albert Butterworth.

Kostas Zarifis, Creative Director says think “a mix of Lemmings and Charles Dickens’ Christmas carol” if you are trying to get a sense of this game.

Feel like a child in a toy store again as you enter a world full of magic and beauty. Immerse yourself in the warm, peaceful world of Tin Hearts, take your time working through the puzzles and enjoy the game's memorable soundtrack.

Unlock powers to control objects in the world, from toy blocks to drums. From humble beginnings, you'll soon become a master of this mysterious world. Link objects in interesting ways as you build paths to the exit for your fearless tin soldiers to follow!

Tin Hearts

Release Date: Winter 2021

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PSVR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Oculus

Genre: Puzzle, Narrative

Developer: Rogue Sun

Publisher: Wired Productions


Meet Lumote, the squishiest bioluminescent creature!

Originally releasing back in 2020, this puzzle platformer is all about the squishiest bioluminescent creature on a quest to overthrow the Mastermote. Though out a series of beautiful 3D puzzles it tells the tale of two opposing powers in a struggle for control.

Visually Inspired heavily by many visits to the aquarium and rave parties, the whole world of Lumote is a single massive environment that allows you to zoom out and see your progress as you are exploring the six towers and fifty puzzles. Once you master a specific Mote, you’ll unlock that new set of puzzles to explore.


Release Date: 2021

Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Developer: Luminawesome Games Ltd.

Publisher: Wired Productions

Martha Is Dead

This upcoming game is set in Tuscany, 1944. The body of a woman is found drowned and her twin sister must alone deal with the loss whilst uncovering the truth of her murder.

This first-person psychological thriller combines disturbing and dreamlike tones.

Martha Is Dead

Release Date: Q4 2021

Platforms: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Oculus, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Psychological, Adventure

Developer: LKA

Publisher: Wired Productions

Wired Presents BLACK LABEL

The Black Label has been produced as a celebration of the art, music and of course the games. With the ambition to create something truly unique for the fans to celebrate great developers and their favourite games.

Featuring stunning packaging inspired by Wired’s logo these collector’s box looks incredible. Each box looks set to include a copy of the game on your chosen platform, its soundtrack and collectable trading cards.

The first five are planned, to which the other four titles are you’ll have to wait and see but what we do know is they are starting with Victor Vran, the ARPG from Haemimont Games.

Black Label #01: Victor Vran

Limited Edition: 2,500 units (per platform)

Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: Friday, May 7th at 5pm BST

Price: TBC

Available from: The Wired Store

The Falconeer: Atun's Folly

The latest update from the Bafta nominee game, It’s time to live the pirate life with the latest free update for The Falconeer. Navigate the perilous waters, discover Atun’s Folly whilst take on new missions and fearsome enemies.

Originally releasing back in November 2020, this is an open-world air combat game featuring frenetic aerial dogfights and deep exploration.

The Falconeer

Price: Base game £24.99, Atun's Folly is a free update

Release Date: 10 November 2020, Atun's Folly Update is out now (29th March 2021)

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Microsoft Windows, Steam

Genre Air Combat / Action RPG

Developer: Tomas Sala

Publisher: Wired Productions

Tiny Troopers: Global Ops

The fast-paced arcade twin-stick short in which you lead an elite squad of Tiny Troopers. With multiplayer first in mind, you can expect all-new multiplayer battles and 4 player couch co-op. It’s time to team up with your friends as you take down hordes of unscrupulous enemies.

Tiny Troppers: Global Ops

Release Date: 2021

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam

Genre: Twin-Stick, Arcade, Shooter

Developer: Epiphany Games

Publisher: Wired Productions

Deliver Us The Moon

Remastered for next-gen consoles, acclaimed Sci-Fi thriller Deliver Us The Moon is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5.

Set in an apocalyptic near-future where Earth's natural resources are depleted, a lunar colony providing a vital supply of energy has gone silent. A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction. Will you save mankind or be forgotten in the dark abyss of Space?

Deliver Us The Moon

Release Date: Oct 2019, Next-Gen Upgrade arriving in orbit soon.

Platforms: Steam, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Out Now) Xbox Series X|S and PS5 (Releasing soon)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Developer: KeokeN Interactive Inc.

Publisher: Wired Productions

Arcade Paradise

From the team that brought you Vostok Inc., Nosebleed Interactive announced their new Retro Management Adventure game Arcade Paradise featuring voice acting from Doug Cockle who you’ll know from Victor Vran and The Witcher series.

You play as Ashley who’s taken the keys to the family laundromat and you must stay one step ahead as you manage profits to build an Arcade Paradise.

It’s a rag to riches story which will see you going from dull chores of washing clothes to the coolest game in town. There are over 35 arcade games, with their own gameplay, missions and high scores to set. It’s been inspired by three decades of gaming from early vector up to 32-bit.

Arcade Paradise

Release Date: 2021

Platforms: Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Retro Arcade Adventure with a hint of Management (R.A.A.h.M to you)

Developer: Nosebleed Interactive

Publisher: Wired Productions

The Last Worker

The upcoming first-person narrative adventure centres around our struggle in an increasingly automated world. It promises to deliver an emotional, thought-provoking and comedic story packaged with an all-star cast.

You can learn more about this upcoming title in the latest EDGE Magazine (E357), in which Jörg Tittel notes that it'll take advantage of each platform's strengths to deliver "the most physically immersive and emotionally involving game regardless of the screen or headset".

The Last Worker

Release Date: 2022

Platforms: Steam, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Oculus

Genre: First-Person, Stealth, Adventure

Developer: Wolf & Wood, Oiffy

Publisher: Wired Productions

AVICII Invector

There was an initial expectation of Invector news as it had been teased over the past few weeks but nothing was shown as part of the event. Later however in their official Discord Gary referenced this stating "So we teased some invector news over the past few weeks - and there IS SOME, and you should be VERY EXCITED if youre an invector fan. Unfortunately the assets and updates we were preparing just weren't quite ready in time, and we don't like half ass-ing things! We gave the news every chance possible to slot in today and had carved a lovely avicii shaped hole in the direct, but without the right parts sliding in, we couldnt unleash it. It's coming, you'll love it - we're sorry it didn't make it in time - but it'll be worth the wait" So who knows maybe there is indeed a VR or next-gen update on the way? We'll have to wait and see.

AVICII Invector

Release Date: Console: 10th Dec 2019, Nintendo Switch: 8th Sept 2020

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch

Developer: Hello There Games & © Tim Bergling

Publisher: Wired Productions

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